Happiness really looks great on our faces. It’s rain season and the vegetation is really prospering, making environments friendly and incredibly stunning. Don’t you like spending time with family and friends in this season? The wrappers (chitenge material) really looked great, all thanks to the tailor who made these. Am into so many kinds of material. And when I pick out my clothing wrappers are one of my favorite things to wear. They tend to complement my African skin.

I love the rain and how it leaves little dew drops on plant leaves and grass. And so as I was walking in my backyard today I took interest in the appearance of the Cashew Nut tree leaves after it had rained and they looked beautiful so i decided to take a picture. I’m particularly into nature and I do love Cashew Nuts. What kind of nuts do you like? Leave a comment for me in the comment box or share some pictures you have.